Second PatentsInHumans Infographic

by | Jul 1, 2024 | News

We are delighted to launch the second infographic of the ERC funded PatentsInHumans project. We hope that it will assist with dissemination and in providing a greater understanding of the project. It provides an explanation of a patent, an overview of the potential bioethical issues associated with patents on technologies related to the human body and a definition of the five categories of technologies that will be examined during the course of the project. Finally, it also provides a brief description of the three main aims of the project.

Similar to our first infographic, describing the timelines within the PatentsInHumans project, this infographic utilises the colours and icons from the PatentsInHumans Logo designed in February 2023 by Wonder Works Studio Ltd.

A pdf. version of the infographic can be downloaded here.

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