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Project Publications:


Professor Aisling McMahon and Sinéad Masterson, A Report on the Launch Event for the PatentsInHumans Project, 20th April 2023.

Blog Articles:

Ideas in ALL Blog Article 30th June 2023, Dr Opeyemi Kolowole, A Right to Repair for Medical Devices?

Ideas in ALL Blog Article 14th June 2023, Professor Aisling McMahon & Sinéad Masterson, PatentsInHumans Public Launch Event: An Overview

Journal of Medical Ethics Blog Article 4th May 2023, Professor Aisling McMahon, EU’s compulsory licensing proposals, patents and crisis preparedness – Some steps in the right direction but more to do for future pandemic preparedness

Ideas In ALL Blog Article 2nd December 2022, Professor Aisling McMahon & Sinéad Masterson, PatentsInHumans ERC Project Commences: PatentsInHumans Explores the Bioethical Implications of Patents on Technologies Related to the Human Body

Book Chapters:

McMahon, Aisling (2023) Decision-Makers, Institutional Influences and the Role of Ethical issues in the Patenting of Biotechnological Inventions in Europe: Enter the Unitary Patent System. In: European Patent Law: The Unified Patent Court and the European Patent Convention. De Gruyter, Germany. ISBN 9783110774016


Aisling McMahon, ‘The Ethical Regulation of Innovative Health Technologies: The role for Patents?’ Regulation of Innovative Health Technologies Workshop, Centre for Law and Genetics, University of Tasmania, November 2023.

Aisling McMahon, “Bioethical issues posed by patents – and how they are used – over ‘technologies’ related to the human body: An Urgent Need for Scrutiny”, International Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law (AABHL) conference, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, November 2023.

Aisling McMahon, “Patents over Brain Computer Interface ‘Technology’: A Blurring of the ‘Technological’ and Human Body with Significant Bioethical Implications”. International Interdisciplinary Workshop “Beyond Boundaries: Persons, (Bio)Technologies, & the Law” organised by the EverydayCyborgs and HybridMinds Projects, Gladstones Library, Wales, 2-3 October 2023.

 Aisling McMahon, ‘Patents, TRIPS and the Private Governance of Public Health: A Perpetuating Institutionalised Marginalisation of Health?’, COMPHACRISIS Public Health, Markets and Law Conference, UCD 29th September 2023 (Invited). 

Aisling McMahon, ‘The Biotechnology Directive & the Patentability of Emerging Biotechnologies in Europe: Scope for the Consideration of Bioethical Issues in Practice?’, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Center for Studies of Intellectual Property Rights and Maynooth School of Law and Criminology Joint Intellectual Property Research Exchange, Maynooth University, 22nd September 2023. 

Aisling McMahon, ‘Bioethics, Patent Decision-Making and the Biotech Directive: A Failure to Keep Pace with Scientific Developments amidst Institutional Inertia?’, Conference on the 25th Anniversary of the Biotechnology Directive, Maynooth University, 15th  September 2023. 

Aisling McMahon, Patents and Access to Health, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Summer School on Intellectual Property Law, (Virtual Presentation) 30th June 2023. (Invited).

Aisling McMahon, Embedding Ethical Considerations in Regulation: Patents, ‘Ethical’ Licensing Clauses and Self-Regulatory Spaces. “Engineering Life: Regulating Science, Risks, and Society in Europe Conference”; 50th Anniversary of the Asilomar Conference, Rice University’s Global Center Paris. (Virtual Presentation) 15th June 2023. (Invited)

 Aisling McMahon and Opeyemi Kolawole, Patents over Implantable Medical Devices: Examining the Potential Impacts of Rightsholder(s) Control and Medical Device Users’ Needs?, Planting Seeds for the Future of IP Law  Conference – A conference in honour of Margaret Llewelyn., Sheffield University 8th June 2023. 

Aisling McMahon, Patents, TRIPS and the Private Governance of Public Health: A Perpetuating Institutionalised Marginalisation of Health?” at the Royal Society of Edinburgh funded ‘Public Health, Trade and the Role of Law’  Workshop, University of Edinburgh, 25th May 2023. (Invited)

Aisling McMahon, “Patents, Pandemics and Public Health: Revisiting Patents Governance Role” at the AHRC funded Targeting Therapies: Exploring the Cultural and Normative Dimensions of ‘Targeted’ Approaches to Biomedicine and Public Health Workshop, University of Edinburgh, 5th May 2023. (Invited)

Aisling McMahon, ‘Patents  on Technologies related to the Form, Function and Modification of the Human Body:  The Urgent Need for Greater Bioethics Scrutiny in Patent Decision-Making’ Health Law Panel, Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Conference, University of Ulster, 5th April 2023. 

Aisling McMahon & Opeyemi Kolawole, “Patenting (In) the Human Body: The ‘No (Tangible) Property Rights in the Body’ Principle & Patents Considered” Intellectual Property Panel, Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Conference, University of Ulster 5th April 2023. 

Aisling McMahon, “Patents on Technologies Related to the Human Body: The Urgent Need for Greater Bioethics Scrutiny” Law and Futures Seminar “’Technology, Medicine and the Human Body”, Newcastle Law School 31stMarch 2023. (Invited Seminar) 

Aisling McMahon, “The “ethical” regulation of “novel being” technologies: the potential role for patents as ethical drivers, blockers and guiders?” Book Launch Event: Novel Beings: Regulatory Approaches for a Future of New Intelligent Life, Newcastle Law School, 30th March 2023. (Invited) 

Aisling McMahon, “Patents, Pandemics and Public Health Access to Vaccines: Lessons from COVID-19 on the Bioethics Gap” Economic, Legal, Social, and Political Perspectives on Public Policy, Department of Economics, Maynooth University 29th March 2023. 

Aisling McMahon, “Patents, Access to Healthcare and Covid-19: The Role of Intellectual Property Rights & Mechanisms to Alleviate Access Issues” Immunology and Global Health Seminar, Maynooth University 21st March 2023. (Invited)


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